We work together to
conquer the world and
take over the universe.

But to do that, we need you
to help us in this quest.


We have high expectations and truely encourage you to accomplish to your fullest potential. That is why we have created a supportive enviroment where feedback, ideas, and discussions are encouraged.


Ever wanted to create a game but you didn't know how to code? We got you covered. Our team has experienced programmers and developers, allowing you to focus on what you love.


To help your on your jouney down the road, we want to provide a realistic team based workflow to give you first hand experience and help you flourish in your craft.


Dreamt of a revolutionary game idea that you wanted to create, but too difficult to make it a reality? Need not worry! You have the ability to choose and contribute your ideas into the story, adding in a bit of you into the game.